It takes a focused approach to create work that’s timely, yet timeless. We collect insights into the audience, outline the vision, and develop a plan that lives beyond the project.

James Nizam Obliquity of the Ecliptic

Capture Photography Festival

Capture celebrates photography and lens-based art every April in Vancouver. We’ve been working closely with Capture to connect the dots between creative, print and digital since 2013.

Obliquity of the Ecliptic
by James Nizam

CJSW 90.9fm Feature Image


CJSW is the University of Calgary’s independent radio station. They also happen to play some of the most eclectic/awesome content on the planet. We partnered to build a technically complex but easy to use Radio Broadcasting Web App.

Earnest Ice Cream Truck

Earnest Ice Cream

Vancouver’s favourite ice cream has been seriously good since 2012. To communicate their brand message and solve business challenges, we collaborated with Earnest on a delightfully focused digital platform.

Farmboy Fine Arts

Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) is an art consultancy, curating collections and custom artwork for a global roster of clients. We created a digital platform with FBFA to communicate the scope of what they do in an engaging way.

Gastown BIA

With cobbled streets and eclectic shops, Gastown is one of the most unique neighbourhoods in the world. We worked with the Gastown BIA to create a digital platform that reflects the neighbourhood’s vibrantly authentic reputation, while promoting the people and businesses of Gastown.

Loden Front Desk

Loden Hotel

The Loden Hotel is renowned for offering upscale comforts and unrivalled service to visitors from around the world. They understand how important their brand and digital presence are in the hospitality space. We approached the Loden to enhance these aspects of their business and help them create a remarkable guest experience.

The Woods Spirit Co

The Woods combines scientific distilling methods, locally discovered ingredients and unbounded curiosity. We worked with The Woods to develop branding and packaging that capture spirits ingrained in the outdoors.

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters Cold Brew Bottle Packaging

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Ranked as the city’s #2 coffee shop by Vancouver Magazine, Timbertrain methodically produces amazing coffee. We worked with Timbertrain to ensure their identity and packaging match their premium quality and expertise.

Featured on The Dieline

TurF Angela Hartman The Class Taryn Toomey


TurF is a workout studio, shop, kitchen + coffee bar, all in one community-loving space. We worked collaboratively with the TurF team to build a dynamic brand paired with a comprehensive digital platform.

Whistler Brewing Co. Logo

Whistler Brewing Co

Whistler Brewing Co is one of the originators of BC’s craft brewing movement. To bring a fresh outlook to a crowded market, we repositioned the brand and reinvigorated the packaging.

Featured on The Dieline