James Nizam Obliquity of the Ecliptic

Capture Photography Festival

Capture celebrates photography and lens-based art every April in Vancouver. We’ve been working closely with Capture to create a digital archive for the festival dating back to 2013.

Obliquity of the Ecliptic
by James Nizam

10,000 foot view

By taking a high-level overview of all moving parts, we ensured everything was consistent and efficient. We developed a digital platform that will grow with Capture for years to come.

With a focus on beauty and simplicity, we designed Capture’s annual catalogue: a conversation piece that stays on shelves well beyond the festival.

Boundaries Blurred

The festival is continuously blurring expectations of what’s possible within and beyond the frame. This became our inspiration for the 2016 creative concept. We collaborated with Capture participating artist, Birthe Piontek, to develop a striking visual concept.

Capture Photography Festival 2016 Creative Concept
Capture Photography Festival 2016 Bus Creative

Our creative campaign was all over the city, from busses, billboards and transit ads, to print features and public works. Capture’s unified message was everywhere and people took notice.

With a provocative creative concept, Capture progressed into the city’s cultural consciousness.

Capture Photography Festival 2016 Bus Shelter Creative

Ever-evolving digital tools

Capture’s digital platform is constantly delivering the festival’s content day-to-day, year after year. We make photography the focus by generating a database of exhibitions that grows organically. The platform connects photographers, curators, and venues to form a strategic resource that increases in value with each festival.

Capture Photography Festival 2016 Digital Platform Creative


The submissions feature we built creates an enjoyable experience for artists who want to apply for the festival. With a conversational interface, users are guided through the process and given a clear idea of their progress. The feature also saves Capture’s team valuable time by automating and organizing artist content.

Plan your experience

Feedback from past festivals told us that users wanted an easy way to plan their itinerary. We built a feature that allows users to add Exhibitions, Public Installations, and Events to their festival planner. As items are added, a custom map along with a show list organized by date is created. No cumbersome login process –  users just add their shows and go.

Capture Photography Festival 2016 Digital Itinerary Planner

During April, close to 2,000 Exhibitions, Public Installations, and Events were added to users' itineraries.

Snapshot of the festival

Capture wanted to communicate the scope of the festival in a graphical way. Using Google Maps, we plot each location making it easy to process at a glance. This shows the festival’s scale and allows users to see what’s happening nearby.

Capture Photography Festival 2016 Digital Exhibitions Map

Focused on next year

By investing in a solid foundation for the digital platform, Capture’s in a great position to continue to grow. Of course, none of our work would mean anything without Capture’s team running the coolest city-wide arts festival. See you next April but in the meantime, check out their programming.