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CJSW is the University of Calgary’s independent radio station. They also happen to play some of the most eclectic/awesome content on the planet. We partnered to build a technically complex but easy to use Radio Broadcasting Web App.

Now streaming live

Looking for live radio? The web app delivers a real-time audio stream that plays seamlessly as you navigate through the experience. Fans of CJSW can also listen to their favourite shows on demand, anytime, anywhere.

We constantly asked, “How is this good for radio?” It was never just about one station, this was about elevating the medium of radio.

If you build it, they will stream

For a customized experience, you can activate Genre Streams. By choosing your favorite genres and shows, you’re automatically delivered a personalized stream of tailored content. No sign-in necessary.

CJSW 90.9fm Build Your Stream Mobile

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Streamlined broadcasting & podcasting

Being able to serve up quality radio online is a given. The real value for CJSW happens behind the scenes. We built a custom Content Management System that completely streamlines CJSW’s programming. Now stay with us here because it’s about to get pretty geeky.

Ok, here we go. When a DJ starts their show, the system creates an audio file of their episode that can be listened to live or later. The DJ easily logs their playlist, pulling from an ever-growing database of songs, albums and musicians. Each song is tracked and added to charts. The DJ can also bookmark specific segments of the episode which can be turned into audio clips for upload to social media.

We also built core software, affectionately named ‘Transmitter Two,’ that creates and automatically publishes podcasts. It works like this: as soon as a DJ finishes recording an episode of their show, the software builds the podcast and sends it to a content delivery network, in this case Amazon. From there, the podcast episode is published to the app and ready to be enjoyed on iTunes.

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People are engaging with the web app 24/7. It’s a living, breathing tool that never sleeps.

Eye-pleasing programming

We love coming up with unique ways to show calendar-based content. This means going beyond the typical calendar plug-ins to create something new. Most importantly, it needs to look good and work well on phones.

CJSW 90.9fm Programming Schedule

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Visual language that speaks volumes

We created a visual system for CJSW’s web app that brings original design elements and consciously minimal colour choices to the front. With carefully selected typography and a considered grid structure, the design puts the focus where it should be: on the music.

CJSW 90.9fm User Interface Elements

Taking radio to the next level

The web app has helped position CJSW as a leader in evolving radio. Conveniently, it launched during their 2015 funding drive and helped smash their fundraising goal of $200K by raising a whopping $250K! We’re thrilled to have an ongoing relationship with CJSW to continue making the app even better. In the meantime, we suggest checking out a couple of our favorite shows: Big Friday and Dixie Fried.