Coast Funds

Coast Funds works in partnership with First Nations to strengthen economies, ecosystems, and community well-being throughout BC’s Great Bear Rainforest. We partnered with Coast Funds to create an in-depth storytelling platform that highlights the positive impact of the projects they support.

Remarkable Shareable Stories

Coast Funds wanted to feature the inspiring stories and amazing results that First Nations-led projects have on the rainforest and surrounding communities. We created a flexible convention for long form content that integrates rich media and animated infographics. This keeps the experience easily parseable and enjoyable.

Creating rich story opportunities brings the Great Bear Rainforest to a broader audience.

A sense of place

With so many incredible things happening in the Great Bear Rainforest, Coast Funds wanted to show the positive effects their funding is having throughout the region. We developed a searchable map feature that helps users understand the relationships between the many projects, First Nations and protected areas in the Great Bear Rainforest.


Evolving the Brand

Part of progressing the digital experience involved a thoughtful update to the brand. We integrated the First Nations bear artwork from their previous brand and developed a completely refreshed identity

Users should feel a sense of pride, positivity and excitement.

Hub of shared knowledge

Our shared goal was to establish a central place for positive change in the Great Bear Rainforest. A place where First Nations can learn about past initiatives, connect with each other and pursue their projects in an approachable way. Ideally this brings more attention to conservation efforts outside the region and inspires other organizations to take on similar initiatives.

Good news for Great Bear

Shortly after the new digital platform went live, Coast Funds got some great news. BC’s government reached an agreement with the 26 First Nations to protect over 6.4 million hectares of the Great Bear Rainforest. Proof that the conservation efforts in the region are having a major effect.