Earnest Ice Cream Truck

Earnest Ice Cream

Vancouver’s favourite ice cream has been seriously good since 2012. To communicate their brand message and solve business challenges, we collaborated with Earnest on a delightfully focused digital platform.

Flavours first

During our Discovery process, we learned that Earnest’s staff spent a ton of time answering calls about which flavours were available. We solved this problem intuitively by featuring a daily flavour board on the front page. This lets staff easily update flavours for multiple locations each day.

Earnest Ice Cream Flavour Board

Thanks to the digital flavour board, Earnest now staffs one less person at each location every day.

Earnest Ice Cream Locator

Our favourite feature of Earnest’s new digital platform might just be the cheeky ice cream locator. Using HTML5 geolocation and Google Maps, we make it easy for people to find the direct route to satisfy their craving. We love tools that are fun to use but also drive sales.

Earnest Ice Cream Locator

Pageviews Increased By


Earnest Ice Cream Flavour Page

House-made & Handwritten

One of the brand’s distinctive features is the handwritten flavours on their jars. We wanted to work this iconic brand element into the design to connect the digital and physical product. We created a custom font from one of the owners’ handwriting to reflect Earnest’s genuine, grassroots beginnings.


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Earnest Ice Cream Cone

When it comes to ice cream, always trust your gut.

Earnest Ice Cream showed a lot of courage by allowing us to focus on utility. By building a digital platform that addressed business needs instead of creating another pamphlet site, we zigged where most confectionary sites zag. So far the results have been pretty sweet.

Earnest Ice Cream Be Earnest Type Treatment
Earnest Ice Cream Spoons

Keeping it fresh

After successfully launching the digital platform, we’re thrilled to be Earnest Ice Cream’s go-to partner for all their creative needs. We’re working on exciting new digital features, while building their brand voice and extending the brand to things like apparel, signage and packaging. Stop by one of their shops to see what’s new. While you’re there, make sure to try a scoop of Lemon Poppyseed.

Earnest Ice Cream Quebec St Interior