Gastown BIA

With cobbled streets and eclectic shops, Gastown is one of the most unique neighbourhoods in the world. We worked with the Gastown BIA to create a digital platform that reflects the neighbourhood’s vibrantly authentic reputation, while promoting the people and businesses of Gastown.


We wanted to make it easy for locals and tourists to find what they’re looking for. The Search Feature on the front page brings a conversational approach that guides users through the experience, allowing them to quickly discover the most relevant spots in Gastown.


The platform provides Gastown BIA the framework to deliver a constant stream of stories about the neighbourhood. Whether stories are happening right now or are from the past, Gastown BIA can easily share content in an authentic and timely way.

Gastown is rich with history and stories. It’s where the city started, something no other neighbourhood in Vancouver can claim.

Empowering businesses

The directory had to reflect the neighbourhood’s diverse mix of businesses, shops and restaurants. We created a tool that gives Gastown business owners control over their profile – how it looks and what it says. Allowing the businesses to share their recommendations in the neighbourhood helps to further connect the community.


@MyGastown instagram has built a significant following with strong visual content. The new platform highlights this content in a visually captivating and constantly updating feed of what’s going on in the neighbourhood.

The experience needs to feel like Gastown. Because it is Gastown.


Gastown’s new digital platform obviously had to be optimized for mobile (it’s 2017). We also made sure the platform performs well in standard speed tests – no one wants to wait around for things to load.


We’re proud to work in Gastown. Knowing the neighbourhood so well gave us a huge advantage in ensuring the platform conveyed what makes our neighbourhood so awesome. Find the top spots in Gastown and check out our business page for a few of our recommendations.