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The Loden Hotel is renowned for offering upscale comforts and unrivalled service to visitors from around the world. They understand how important their digital presence is in the hospitality space. We approached the Loden to enhance this aspect of their business and help them create a remarkable guest experience.

Discover then define

During our discovery process we took a holistic look at the Loden’s digital offering. Once we defined the direction for the digital platform, we were able to identify what was working and start improving what wasn’t.

What can we do to increase organic conversion rates? This became our focus.

Upgrading all things digital

We started small, focusing on enhancements that made an immediate impact. Code enhancements and server optimization have helped to significantly improve overall speed and security.

Page load time reduced by


Guest experience = User experience

Guest experience starts long before check-in, so the experience of booking a room online has to feel as refined and rewarding as a stay at the hotel. We rebuilt the Loden’s online booking tool, making it more focused and mobile friendly. This led to a pretty simple result: more rooms booked and increased revenue.


Increase in Conversions

Loden Booking Tool Mobile

Consistency comes naturally

Quality doesn’t happen without consistency. We created cohesion across all of the Loden’s digital touchpoints, helping them maintain a level of sophistication throughout the entire path to booking.

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Loden Car Wrap

The Loden delivers a natural, elevated standard. We want to make sure that’s reflected in every aspect of the digital experience.

Custom Content For US Users

We developed a geotargeted experience that recognizes visitors from the US and tailors the experience to their needs. Unique content for these guests creates a more relevant and compelling experience.

Loden WanderFit Copywriting Design

Setting a new tone

We developed a communication style that brings authenticity to the Loden’s messaging. With defining characteristics, guidelines and glossary of distinct language, the charming voice framework ensures everything sounds like it’s coming from the same place.

Consistent conversion rate of

Loden Palms Data

A partnership with room to grow

We’re excited to continue working with the Loden. We feel like more than a service provider, we’re part of the Loden team. if you’re looking for a relaxing place to stay with incredibly friendly service, let’s just say we have a suggestion.