Sons of Vancouver

For a really really small batch distillery to hold their own among established distillers, Sons of Vancouver (SOV) had to show their spirits were the real thing. We worked with SOV to create a brand and packaging that reflect the hands-on consideration of their distilling process.

Featured on The Dieline


SOV was about to join a growing community of distillers and had to set themselves apart. We developed an identity system that elevates SOV while maintaining their independent vibe.

Inspired by the ornateness of art nouveau, the aesthetic connects to SOV’s upbringing and their motivation for starting a distillery. The result is a well-rounded brand toolkit that’s a genuine representation of who they are: the furthest thing from corporate.

SOV has a constant stream of wholesale requests with re-orders increasing every month.


Our discovery process revealed that each of SOV’s spirits has a distinct audience. The market for a refined Amaretto is quite different from a brash and blazing Chili Vodka. Our strategy was to tailor each package design to the audience, while creating elements that unify all three products.


Original illustrations created in-house pair with custom wordmarks to suit each product and further emphasize a handmade feel. This makes for designs that easily extend to things like apparel, posters and matchbooks.

“The growth has been beyond our wildest dreams.”
(actual quote from SOV)


It’s been amazing to see SOV in a growing number of liquor stores and at our favourite cocktail bars. Their products are consistently recognized among the best at BC Distilled. Though, that probably has a lot to do with what’s inside the bottles.