The Woods Spirit Co

The Woods combines scientific distilling methods, locally discovered ingredients and unbounded curiosity. We worked with The Woods to develop branding and packaging that capture spirits ingrained in the outdoors.


Inspired by West Coast exploration and a close relationship with the wilderness, The Woods was poised to forge their own identity. They wanted to bring a sense of place to their spirits. Our strategy was to turn their product into an experience – one that transcends the urban landscape and gets back to nature.


The Woods Amaro outsold all other spirits at BC Distilled 2016.


The Woods’ first product is a herbaceous Amaro – one of the first of its kind in Canada. While the spirit finds balance in bitter and sweet, the design is a blend of intricate and organic. This free-flowing, elegant framework sets the standard for future products.


To convey the Woods’ inspiration, process and ingredients, we created a range of brand language that sparks curiosity. This takes the brand to a place that naturally feels like The Woods.

Demand for their Amaro is so strong, the Woods can’t make it fast enough.


With their Amaro taking off, we’re excited to continue working with the Woods on whatever they come up with next. Until then, visit their site to order a bottle (or case) of Amaro – it’s outstanding in a Negroni.