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TurF is a workout studio, shop, kitchen + coffee bar, all in one community-loving space. We worked collaboratively with the TurF team to build a dynamic brand paired with a comprehensive digital platform.


TurF had an amazing vision: a health-forward gathering place for people to connect and create their own daily practice. With such a diverse offering, we needed a unified strategy to communicate their unique concept in a simple, compelling way.

TurF Type Treatments

We need to connect the digital experience with the physical space and above all, get people into TurF.

TurF Open Minded Type Treatment


Inspired by the power of movement, we created an energized toolkit of visual and written language that aligns TurF’s values. We evolved the brand to become beautiful but not overly feminine, elevated but inviting, fearless and just a bit bonkers. We applied the brand across a range of elements including interior and exterior signage, packaging and apparel tags.

TurF Apparel Tags
TurF Deanne and Delaney Schweitzer

Co-founders, Deanne and Delaney, are drawn to the way ants work together to contribute to something greater. This inspired a custom pattern based on the cross-section of an anthill. We also developed a series of ant icons that are subtly incorporated into the brand.

TurF Ant Hill Pattern


TurF’s digital platform conveys their culture while allowing users to easily book classes, order food and shop. We focused on user experience and interface design to build individual components that combine to create an intelligent system.

The mobile-first swipe nav intuitively and naturally guides users through TurF.

TurF Class Booking Page

Our goal was to seamlessly integrate various third party software. We created a custom weekly schedule for the Classes page that syncs with Mindbody’s API. The Food page showcases all menu items while connecting to XDine for online orders.

TurF Cause A Stir Spinning Type Treatment

Energized Experience

Repetitive page templates get boring fast. Rather than repeat ourselves, we designed distinct pages to grab users’ attention and keep them entertained. The Teachers page features an activated image grid that highlights each teacher and communicates the vibe at TurF. The not-so-typical About page delivers long-form content in a digestible, editorial style.

TurF Coffee Cup


Working closely with TurF we defined a voice that’s to the point, yet purposeful. This provided the framework to write content for the digital platform and develop brand language. We came up with “Work Out Hang Out Take Out” to concisely explain what TurF’s about and it’s now core to their communication.

Turf Team Full


Our partnership with TurF has reinforced the power of collaboration. We’re proud to have a part in bringing their vision to life and can’t wait for the city to feel TurF’s positive impact. Stop by their space in Kitsilano and be sure to reserve your spot in The Class, it fills up fast.

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