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Whistler Brewing Co is one of the originators of BC’s craft brewing movement. To bring a fresh outlook to a crowded market, we repositioned the brand and reinvigorated the packaging.

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Increase in Mountain Lager Sales

Brewed to last

Not many craft breweries can leverage 25 years of experience. Why? Because they just don’t have 25 years of experience. So we focused the strategy on Whistler Brewing’s resilience and the enduring quality that has allowed the brewery to stand the test of time.

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Year to Year Sales Increased by


The brand needed to become known for more than its association to one of the world’s most popular mountains.

Whistler Brewing Co Flavour Brands

Building a Timeless Toolkit

We think of brands as systems rather than individual elements. This allowed us to create a well-rounded toolkit of visual language for Whistler Brewing Co that’s easily applied to a variety of brand materials.

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Whistler Brewing Co Identity

Working in collaboration with Whistler Brewing, we made the decision to stay away from the obvious: mountains, hops and wheat imagery. Instead, we brought the brand forward by looking to their past. We were jointly inspired by handmade type and the nostalgic nature of bold, type-led artwork.

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Stand-out packaging standard

We never want to create things that stand out just for the sake of it. Sure, packaging needs to pop on the shelf, but it also needs to connect back to the strategy developed for the brand.

We created a flexible packaging convention to ensure all beers felt like part of the same family. This foundation has allowed Whistler Brewing to bring new beers to market quickly without missing a beat.

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An established voice to match

To communicate this longstanding brewery’s expertise, we developed a confident tone of voice that positions Whistler Brewing Co as a craft brewing authority. We rewrote their story to capture their blend of tradition and progression. We also named two products: “Coastal Common” and the “Rambler Pack,” and crafted descriptions on each label that put the beer’s profile ahead of anything fluffy.

Whistler Brewing’s followers loved the new packaging and were more than excited to share it as part of their everyday lives.


Increase in Bear Paw Honey Lager Sales

Bear Paw Honey Lager Bottle Whistler Brewing Co

We’ll drink to that

After all the hard work, it’s amazing to see the product in the real world. But we’re always more concerned about the results, so we’re thrilled that the new brand and packaging has led to a significant increase in sales. It was only a matter of time.

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